Can I support your Child and Family

Over the last few years, I have helped many people understand how they can use pure and natural Essential Oils in their everyday life.

I love to help Children and Families and more so than every at this time when so many Children are struggling after the way world has been over the last 2 years.

I have supported Children who feel anxious and helped them to understand ways they can use essential oils to help them at a time when they are feeling anxious and also on a daily basis. Many of the Children have found that their life and their families life has changed for the better, they find that they are calmer, able to manage anxious feelings easier around bedtime r other situations they find challenging, it has helped them sleep through the night and generally be able to be in a variety of environments that they would have previously found too challenging.

I offer a trial of the oils which gives you the opportunity to see if they support you and your child prior to purchasing the full bottles needed for this protocol. This is important for me to enable you to see it work first. I’m a genuine person who loves to see the results of these amazing essential oils and see how they are changing people’s lives in a very positive way. Everyone is different and what works for one will hopefully work for you but this way you get to trial it first. This could be the support you need and I will support you through your trial.

If you are looking at ways to support yourself or a child naturally with reducing sad, stressed and anxious feelings, please do make contact by emailing us at or text KIDSPROTOCOL to 07970 859993 (UK) and we can arrange a time to speak or meet face to face.

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