Holistic Wellness Workshop

These workshops are suitable for Adults and Children

During our workshops, those attending will learn about ways to support their health naturally with pure and tested essential oils. They will participate in a holistic activities, experience a energy lift, trial a rub for aches, learn about ways to support their Respiratory, Digestion, Hormonal, Relaxation, Lower Stress and lots more
This is a great activity to run for corporate Wellbeing days, Birthday Parties, Girls nights in, Family Gatherings, Fun Days, Fundraisers and lots more.View details below of one of our recent wellness days we ran for 40 team members.

During our recent workshop, Each attendee made 3 glass rollerballs to take home which they were able to use to support the following -

Relaxation – Great to use before bed or when you would like to relax in the evening after a busy day.

Overwhelm/Stress - This is great to have to hand when you need to calm yourself to enable you to refocus yourself and calm to help you manage the task at hand

Bug Buster – Great to apply to support the natural immune system.

Plus each attendee at this workshop made a natural Lemon invigorating Body sugar scrub that they can use in the shower at home or as a hand scrub. 
At this workshop we also added on a Yoga workshop but we can also add  Sound Healing, Meditation, Pilates, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Children’s
Health Related Fitness Classes, Health Various Craft Activities and lots more.

Tell us what you would like to achieve, the number of attendees and we will design the package to suit your needs.


Client Feedback – “It went soooo well! We were all delighted, had nothing but positive feedback all round! Particularly interesting is how many people surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed the yoga. It really was great, all of it, I am intrigued by the oils and what they can do. Thank you so much for everything, our IT took some pics & videos so I just need to touch base to see what I can provide to you”

Contact Nicky Kay – Holistic Wellness Advocate on-

07970 859993 to book your event

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