Orlando’s Toothpaste

When you are told the dog has smelly breathe it’s time to try the new toothpaste with peppermint essential oil.

He has never been keen on his teeth being cleaned and normally it’s my husband that take on this job but I decided I would make the new toothpaste and take on the challenge, I was a bit worried that one of my fingers may get bitten off but was willing to try.

It was easy to make with items I had at home, so I set to work making it which took less that 5 minutes. I save my old supplement pots which made a great storage pot for the toothpaste I made.

I have to say, Orlando loved it. It has coconut oil in the toothpaste and this is a winner. My fingers are safe but it was a challenge trying to clean his teeth as he kept sticking out his tongue to lick his lips.

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